They said that we once lived in a great empire. That we had conquered the lands, ruled the darkness, and lived in peace.

It's hard to believe such lies. We only know the walls of the town. Beyond them is the Darkness, which has crawled into everything, twisting and corrupting all out there. For awhile, we never needed to go beyond our little slice of civilization. But times are changing. We have grown too fast, too far. The town is crowded, the farms aren't able to feed us all, and tensions are so thick you can't step without pissing off someone. We need heroes of old, to rise up and push back the Darkness. To help us move out and do as our ancestors did before and conquer the land. Otherwise, we will succumb to the Darkness that is already sipping into our hearts.

So this thread is to talk about and plan a West March style game using the 13th Age. The plan is to have multiple groups and GMs move in and out of places to play in a variety of one-shot missions in a connected world that the players will grow. The idea of West March game was created by Ben Robbins, who created the Microscope and Kingdom games, and it's for large groups of players to be able to divide into smaller groups that handled different threats and explore the unknown. Our game isn't going to be using the core 13th Age setting, in that we aren't in the Dragon Empire or even the 13th Age. It's going to be set in a small town/city with a few farms around it that feed the people who never travel or have a reason to because they don't know what is out beyond except monsters that are too dangerous for them to handle. Think Whiterun in Skyrim if the rest of Skyrim was just monsters. Which means that the Icons (which we will need to make) will be smaller in scale than the Icons of the 13th Age. They will have influences in the town, and are trying to spread that outwards as the adventurers conquer the Darkness around them and push Civilization out.

The idea that I have for why the players are adventurers going out there is that the town/city is growing beyond it's means and the farms aren't able to feed everyone. To help solve this problem, the Adventurers' Guild has been created to act as a hub for those wishing to explore the areas outside of the town and to act as a place to store the information they find and share with others. Icons will be able to drop off requests and missions for players and rumors might be found there too. They are suppose to help clear out ruins, clear forests and caves, and help establish outposts and new farms to help the town grow outwards.

Each adventure is suppose to be an one-shot, so players will be able to drop in and out of the game between missions. Anyone will be able to switch between being a player and GM, and could do both (but not in the same mission. No GMs running their character through their own missions). Because of the way the game is, any format is fine to use. Play by Post, Roll20, IRC, RL, email, Facebook, whatever. The only thing that matters is at the end of each mission, the players tell what happened (not the GMs) and mark on the map where they when. This creates a few things. One, what the players said is true as far as other players knows. This is like going back to the tavern and boosting about your glories. Some of it will be fishing tales, where the goblin was three times bigger than a bear, when it real life it was just a normal sized one, but as far as anyone is concerned about, this is true (unless another player contradicts them). Two, the map is made by the players, which like the tales, means they are as true as the players knows. The maps can be a detailed or vague as they want, but the GMs can say that a group trying to retrace the steps of another group can get "lost" on the way without messing up anything. I want to find a site or something where everyone can edit the map and such. It's going to be a blast to watch it grow.

PA West Marches